Teaching English Is Happening Soon!

I was hired to teach! 

A few weeks ago I was hired by a company to teach English online. I was working my way through orientation to teach group lessons and I am done.

Now, I have to meet with my “mentor” then I will be released free to get classes and continue to build my professional experience. It’s going to be an exciting time of growth and learning. 

My blog is for students and teachers!

For Students…

No one has all the time in the world and reading my blog will give you some insight into who I am and my style of speaking and writing. While we can set up times to meet online and have proper introductions that will only be for about 15 minutes. Through this blog, you can read about my interests and learn more about me without having to set up meetings.

If you or anyone you know is looking for an English Teacher, direct them to this blog or my website to learn more about myself and how to start with lessons. 

For Teachers…

This blog is to serve as support and inspiration for what is possible for anyone looking to teach in the future. 

I would love to talk with other teachers and grow together. 

Leave me a comment and we will connect!


Is “Dressy Casual” Dressy Enough For Your Event?

Do You Need To Set A Dress Code?

While smaller events may be able to make it without a strongly enforced dress code I am a strong believer that as your invite list grows so does the importance of your dress code. I mean, if I have an intimate event of just 5-7 people, I probably have a relationship with everyone there or I made more contact with those guests. However, if I have over 30 people at an event there may be less interaction before the event and I might have no idea what people will look like on the day of the event.

Have you been caught in this situation? Getting caught on the day of an event with guests dressed like they are meeting in a coffee shop and others dressed like they are going to the most important board meeting. Early communication before the event is important to ensure this does not happen.

What Is Dressy Casual?

Dressy casual is just a step up from casual. An informal poll I did with D from Women of Bliss implied that she does not think the guests really understood what dressy casual is. Putting heels on an outfit does not make it dressy. Making your hair into an updo does not make your cotton t-shirt and hole-filled jeans and but more dressy.

I would accept a dressy top, not a t-shirt and dark wash, not faded jeans with flats or heals. This is the generic minimum.

Is That Dressy Enough For You?

If half of your guests come in with t-shirts, you are back on the more casual side. Now, this may sound vain but if you are taking photos of the event, the photos may be ruined with the lack of uniformity of the guests. That means photos that last forever that may remain in every promotion you use including that event for both your own use and that of your client. Just saying, we all need portfolios and your client wants memories so bring it up before it is too late!

What do you think about enforcing dress codes? Leave me your comments below and connect with me on Facebook.

Simple Living Eats In Nashville, Tennessee

Eating Out In The Gaylord Opryland

Now, there are over 5 restaurants inside of this hotel ranging from the Fuse pub to the high end Old Hickory Steakhouse. After checking into the hotel and settling down we were all hungry.

“We” consists of my sister, her husband, my sister’s camera guy and myself. Oh, and my wonderful niece that is just 15 months. It never takes long to settle into the hotel and the flight was about 4-5 hours long including the layover so we were all ready to eat.

We were all ready to eat, including the pescatarian. While there was barbecue and steaks on every menu each of the restaurants did well to include salads with fruit, kale and whatever else vegetarians like.

What’s For Dinner

In the Delta Island- yes, it is literally an island in the middle of the hotel- there are two restaurants that share the same space. You can order from both menus from any table but the hostesses still call it two restaurants. I do not remember the name of the other restaurant but it had sushi.

Food Photos!

IMG_1606 IMG_1607 IMG_1609 IMG_1610 IMG_1612

In Conclusion

Om nom nom! What is unfortunate is that the crab cake was by far my favorite thing. It was so fresh but the presentation of the other items was not that great. Proportions were also incredible. Mounds of potatoes but only 3 shrimp. An entire half chicken and mounds of potatoes. Who really can eat all that? Also, there should be some sort of balance between proteins and starches. Those three shrimp are really getting to me.

Overall, I would eat there again just for the crab cakes and now that I am reflecting on it again I wish I would have stopped there before the trip ended.

From The Outside

What Do I Think I Look Like

I am a rather practical person. If I look in the mirror I assume that the same thing I see is the same thing that everyone else sees.

However, what do I do about beauty? If I look in the mirror and think I am beautiful but don’t have guys lined around the block, am I actually still beautiful. Hell yes!

Beauty is skin deep, in the eye of the beholder and is temporal. In layman terms that means we do not all see beauty the same way. Beauty is subjective. If that is the case, why would it matter what someone else thinks? The truth is that it should not matter but the way it happens in life is through struggle and pain. 

Struggle and pain. If only I looked a certain way I will find that special someone. If I can cover up this tblemish then I can be confident. Then, you make all these changes, wear the best make up and no one notices and still no men lining up around the corner. After all that vain and pointless work, no change happened to the way you look at yourself in the mirror and that is sucky.

Don’t Look At Others The Way You Want To Be Viewed

Now, this is the opposite of everything that people are taught, however there is no universal criteria for self image. You may only look good if you have you hair done, face waxed, make up on and I may see something inherently wrong with makeup… And I actually do. Those two people, if they are even friends cannot impose their image on the other. That would be something I call poopy. 

Why Is This An Issue Today

Well, I was out living my life and I heard something rather vile and it was about me and after it was said I had to ask, is that what you think is going through my head? It was sad and disappointing to think that someone actually thought they saw me as I saw myself. Are you a gypsy mind reader? You surely don’t know the minds of others.

This is a simply living battle because at times I recede from people around me. It has nothing to do with not feeling good about myself, it’s about wanting to be alone. I work from home and twice a week I leave my house to see people because I need to fellowship and have a reason to shower. Just kidding about that shower… Sort of. I love having time to myself. I have great thoughts!

But, on the real, this ticked me off to no end. I feel better now, but it took me these words to really get it out there. 

Now, to be fair, something happened to me that changed somethings about me- and there is a physical reminder of it. Many people say they cannot tell unless they really look but it’s my face so of course I can see it even in the dark. 

Let Me Tell You About That Picture

I took this photo a few weeks ago at an event with my bible fellowship and now that it has passed, I can say that I almost did not go. I was so certain all people would see is what is wrong, but that was not true. They saw me. Same ole KT. If I was struggling with my image it was then, and I worked it out there with lovely people but not everyone was there. If you were not there, don’t feel bad. We are busy sometimes and when it boils down to it, you made your choice and there is no making up that time. It is gone and even though you were not there you have to figure out how much growing I did in your absence and don’t make the mistake of thinking I am where I started because you were gone.

That is all. I am heading back home today. I am writing this from my plane. I will be uploading the photos from the bruch and some of the door I had while out of town. Very exciting stuff!

Delta Planes Are So Nice!

What’s Going On Airlines?

I went to Salt Lake City on a plane that looked and felt like using a first generation Apple computer. I actually regretted the deal I got on the ticket during take off! Needless to say, I got to my destination but seriously, how did they get this plane. I feel like it was the plane Delta got rid of because a passenger have birth on it. They won’t confirm this, but I know something is going on.

Now, I Sm Going To Nashville, Tennessee

I hope it is everything I hope and dream of but from this first flight things are looking pretty good. Going through security took a very short time and this plane is great. Well lit, good seats and nice attendants. 

Now, there is certainly an unruly child on the flight that I think smells but that is not Delta’s fault…

Gotta go because we are getting for take off and I don’t want to be “that person”

Have a Simple day… Updates to come!

Help! Help! I’m Being Oppressed!

Let Me Tell You “Who’s The Man”

I work as an independent contractor with a company. They are pretty good and fair but recently they have been stretching their fairness to a blurry area. They want me to move to a W2 employee but not without cost me and to that I say, nay.

This is a classic case of the man holding me down. If there are any independent contractors out there reading this, speak with someone before making the switch to a W2 employee.

I Don’t Trust The Man

When I first started wording with them, everything was sunshine and rainbows. Everything is still bright and sunny except this little cloud over the decision to switch to W-2 status. Let talk about the benefits that other people get from companies: Paid sick time, paid time off, paid holidays, time and a half, and insurance.

Let’s say the difference between me being an independent contractor to being a W-2 employee is $4,000 a year.

For insurance let’s say that is $2400/year. That’s hefty.

Let’s call paid sick time non existent because I work from home and unless I am unable to sit and type I would still work.. Let’s be honest.

Paid time off… This is a tricky one because I leave often. I also work remotely… So I still make income. It’s a nice concept but I also feel like, if I don’t work, I don’t make money is just as reasonable a concept. So that’s a wash.

Now, paid holidays… That I appreciate. I think there would be 10 in a year according to something arbitrary they are using as a metric, which would be $1,040.

The sad one I would lose out on is time and a half pay for overtime… Or would I? I used to work at a company that openly stated that they had overtime available if you wanted to work and take on extra projects. I work at that same company but that statement is no longer true. So, I am not missing out there either. On a side note, this is a factor that I determine a good company by. Overtime is important to your soon-to-be-employees and when you take that away you take away a large incentive.

So, the grand total of “benefits” I would have to pay myself is less than $4,000. I would rather take the money and pay for my own insurance and vacations without a leash making sure I do things at a certain time. I could do great things with that money in a year.

They have shared their logic with me and I shared that logic with an accountant. I will hear back tomorrow whether I am crunching numbers correctly. If so, give me liberty or give me a new job.

I am through with this my openness for the night. I will certainly keep you updated whether I am correct in my assumptions. I don’t know, I am a rather independent person and I like my business as it is and I don’t see what they could do for me as an employee.

I’m the girl who walks over half a mile in 3 1/2 inch heels and manages to smile in a photo when I know I have to walk another half mile back. I have a lot of trust in God so I know the best is yet to come and I know that tomorrow I will make the right decision.